Call for contributions

Editor: Elisa Ramazzina (University of Belfast).

This volume, provisionally titled Medieval Borders and the Environment, will be submitted to Brill to be included in the new series “Elements, Nature, Environment:
Multidisciplinary Perspectives from the Ancient to the Early Modern World” edited by Dr. Marilina Cesario and Dr. Andreas Lammer. The volume’s goal is to provide a
venue for interdisciplinary research on the time period between about 500 and 1500 or slightly later. It intends to promote study on underrepresented parts of the medieval world, broadly construed, as well as articles that examine interconnections across regions and
The volume aims at covering topics from the following regions, broadly intended: Europe, including Northern and Eastern Europe Central Asia, South Asia, India, Japan, China, North and South Africa, East and West Africa, Oceans and Seas, the Americas, Australia, and Oceania.


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Deadline 15/03/2023